Good morning Sir/Ma.
This is to inform all Faruna store members/merchants/active merchants/state coordinators to be patient over their ordered goods, we noticed that some persons who are not Faruna store members also booked a lot of them. But with the help of the members list sent by some of the state coordinators we'll be able to fish those people out, though we've started from Abuja little by little until it will get to other states/each paid member. So please be patient no matter how long it takes, your goods will reach you, we want to use this opportunity to  compile the list of our paid members in a system, this will help us a lot, that's also why we have provided some services so that our members will be benefiting before their goods will reach them. Thanks for your patient/support.
Concerning the Raffle draw, its been sponsored by a company and on Thursday 15/08/2019 a video will be out showing the things to win and the company sponsoring the program live.
50 persons are going to be a winner, try to participate.... Thanks and have a blessed day.
Faruna Marvelous.

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