Cashflow Coaching is a Game Changer (Poster/Article)

Are you cash-flowing $500 to a $1,000 a week consistently in TBC? At this time in TBC history, you are well ahead of the pack if you are having that kind of cash-flow or better! Also, you possess the most valuable knowledge that is needed desperately inside of the TBC community and you should turn the teachings of that knowledge into a service and call it Cashflow Coaching. Essentially this Blog can provide its students the “Book Smarts” but you have what is called “Street Smarts.” Members should be lining up to learn from YOU! On the other hand, are YOU that are reading this Blog right now, struggling to earn an income with TBC? If that is the case, I hope this Blog will connect you and our Cash Flow Coaches together. Just don’t expect getting that knowledge to be cheap, and certainly not FREE! One of the biggest reasons for personal failure is the complete

 unwillingness to invest in oneself. Do YOU expect everything around you should just be FREE? True LEADERS never work for FREE! Yes, these LEADERS do give out plenty of FREE SAMPLES of what they have to offer, but in the end if YOU want to get what they got, YOU will have to PAY to get it–the full package! The FREE stuff will only take you so far, and that is really the difference between “Book Smarts” and “Street Smarts.” I have those “Street Smarts” and have a proven track record within many ventures of becoming a Cash Flow Giant, but as I attempt to pass that know how along to YOU here, I am handicapped to TEXT ONLY and in BITE SIZE PIECES too. YOU need flesh and blood, you need a COACH you can completely interact with to learn from them. YOU need to be willing to PAY for your COACH! In 2nd and 3rd world countries $500 to a $1,000 USD a week income is what wealthy people earn. In 1st world countries $500 to a $1,000 a week is professional income and you got some skill to earn it. But that is far from a wealthy income in a 1st world country. TBC does offer unlimited income potential and I don’t want you to get the impression that $500 to $1,000 a week is always going to be the top side of our community. That just seems to be the current case at this historic moment as I examine our members and their transactions.

 So, if you are cash flowing $500 to $1,000 a week, YOU should develop a TBC Cash Flow Coaching Service above and beyond Partnerships. Partnerships are easy and cut and dry at 50/50 splits. But Cash Flow Coaching is a Game Changer. I’ll leave the structures of developing that up to your imagination. I do have some suggestions. Many of our Broadcasters have over-delivered and consistently do over an hour a day. Consider keeping the FREE broadcast down to 30 minutes a day,

 and then do the other 30 plus minutes as private content you can offer to just your subscribers that PAY to see it and even interact within it. $10 a week per paid subscriber to have access to an ongoing library of your teachings by video would not be too much to ask. Setting up a website would naturally have to be part of delivering on that idea. Use part of the 30 minutes you give away as a FREE SAMPLE to convince your viewers of your Cash Flow skills and explain to them how they can PAY for you to COACH them. You can sell your time in one on one sessions. Don’t overprice your time when you start selling it by offering Cash Flow Coaching, make it very affordable at first. Then over time raise the price of your time to meet the high end demand of it. Success breeds success! As you transact, you should interview those that paid you on video and capture their reasons for doing business with you. Also capture their success stories on video, 

whenever one of your Partners or Students completes a transaction, bring them onto your show and share the story behind that transaction. Here is an old but true saying: “Facts tell, but Stories Sell!” People tire quickly of long daily lectures. People are entertained when they watch others in a dialog. Half of what you see on TV is just two people at a time having a dialog. That works long-term, lectures burn people out even if you are one that can deliver great monologues. Coaches should support other Coaches on these broadcasts. Join each other on each others shows and share your WINS and SUCCESSES with each other in dialog on your shows. Yes, it is time for the Broadcasting campaign to grow up a bit now from where we started. The Broadcasting campaign continues even though we are starting this Cash Flow Campaign too. Here’s where we are going now. The smart members of the TBC community will embrace the idea of purchasing Cash Flow Coaching, and this will generate another revenue stream of income for those already doing good at daily cash flow. Duplication will naturally take over and members that cash flow inside TBC will grow by leaps and bounds. Soon, every broadcast will be overflowing with dialogs of success stories. This will set the TBC community a BLAZE! Massive growth will come next. As you sell these services, feel free to make each a TBC transaction. For example, if you wanted to charge $10 a week for exclusive content you produced, 

you could collect that as you wish in cash or Bitcoin or whatever, but you could return $10 in TBC to them and make the whole thing a TBC transaction and your services become the icing on that transaction cake! Oh, but there is a draw back, the new wallet can’t make even change on these type of small transactions. As I said before, this new wallet is not the last wallet we will develop, in the future we will make a wallet that does small change. So, just give 2 Kringle Coins to cover a $10 transaction, I would not consider that as discounting the coin, that is just the right way to work with the current technology we have at this time. I hope this is very clear. We do need to move forward, and we need all of those Cash Flow Kings and Queens to come out and offer some awesome coaching programs now!!!

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