We accept full Tbc in our store, but for now our store open shopping once in a month Read more...

We accept full Tbc in our store but for now our store open shopping once in a month, every 15 days of the month, we shall be placing 50 items because of large demands but other services like music studio session hair brading are available every day, that means you can book music session and brade your hair. we are busy talking to so many merchants to fully accept full Tbc payment.

to those who have book for last months should come and collect their goods thank you

1. remember one booking per person> that means you can only buy one product in a month

2. we don't do shipping for now, only people in Abuja can buy for now, but if you have person who can pick it up for you good and fine

3. you see the product before you pay for it. thank you

4 our shop is open only Friday and Saturday. call us before coming 

we are ever ready to promote TBC , no discounting 

more information coming soon

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