our top five buys for last month, more info coming soon

Pelumi Adewoyin

booking for the Polo adult medium/Large size. I can come anytime between friday and Monday and not necessary in one or two weeks. Maybe one month's time. thanks on 

come and get your product call before coming 08134086523

 joseph omotosho

am ordering for this shirt sir, joseph from abuja with tbc send button omotosojoseph4@gmail.com on $20 FULL 

come and get your product call before 08134086523

 Michael Olugbemi Ajayi 

I also need d Cheislsea wear as well on $10 FULL TBC


joseph omotosho

hello, my name is joseph, please am making order for this 2set of shirt sir, i reside in abuja and i have send button, thanks 08050827892 on $35 TWO SET FULL TBC come back on macth 10 2018 joseph omotosho

Segun Michael 

I want to buy this set with full TBC

kobla Thani
how can i get this chelsea jersey?? i reside in abuja.. thenx much.. respond asap.. on $10 FULL TBC come kobla Thani

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